Laboratory Tour

  1. Your Collection Kit

    Cord blood collection kitUpon receipt by our laboratory, your cord blood kit is processed under stringent quality controlled conditions. Each cord blood kit is individually bar code labeled with unique identifiers. Our laboratory technicians will individually examine all components of the kit to ensure that everything has been received.

  2. Temperature Monitor

    Temperature monitorTo ensure the quality of your cord blood, each kit contains an electronic temperature monitor to record the temperature of the kit during transport. The temperature readings are verified to ensure that the kit was received under adequate conditions.

  3. Sterility Check

    Sterility checkThe sterility of your child’s cord blood sample is verified to ensure that the banked specimen is sterile for future use.

  4. Cell Count

    Cell countUsing state of the art equipment, a cell count is performed on your baby’s cord blood before and after processing to analyze the cellular content and components of your baby’s cord blood.

  5. CD34+ Stem Cell Analysis

    CD34+ stem cell analysisHealthcord is equipped with advanced Flow Cytometry technology. The number of CD34+ stem cells in your baby’s cord blood is determined with flow cytometry analysis. This analysis will determine whether there is an adequate number of stem cells in your baby’s cord blood sample for banking. This process will also provide you with information regarding how many stem cells are in the sample to be banked.

  6. Volume Reduction

    Volume reductionYour baby’s stem cells are then isolated using a special extraction procedure. This process removes red blood cells and plasma from your baby’s cord blood sample, leaving behind a purified and concentrated sample of your baby’s stem cells for banking.

  7. Cryogenic Freezing

    Cryogenic freezingYour baby’s stem cells are then carefully cryogenically frozen using advanced computer controlled cryogenic freezing technology under precisely controlled conditions.

  8. Storage

    Stem cell storingYour baby’s stem cells are now ready for long-term storage. Healthcord is equipped with the most advanced vapour phase cryogenic storage vaults called ‘dewars’.

  9. Congratulations!

    Successfully storedYour baby’s stem cells are now safely stored and ready for use when and if your child ever needs it.