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Healthcord, Canada’s Trusted Name in Cord Blood and Tissue Banking

Health Canada Approved, AABB Accredited
Recommended by Physicians and Hospitals

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Invest in your baby’s future health.

  • Your baby’s cord blood contains valuable stem cells that may one day save his or her own life.

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Save Cord Blood: 3 Easy Steps…

  • Registering for cord blood banking takes less than 5 minutes. Follow these easy steps to get started.

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About Healthcord

Cord blood banking is affordable

  • Storing cord blood for 18 years costs the same as having one Starbucks’ coffee per week.

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About Healthcord

Why Bank Cord Blood?

Cord blood can be used to treat over 80 life threatening diseases. The list of diseases cured with cord blood stem cells is growing, with over 1000 clinical trials currently underway for new treatments ranging from injury to cancer. Banking your child’s cord blood provides the best opportunity for taking advantage of new treatments in his/her lifetime.

About Healthcord

Why Bank Cord Tissue?

Cord tissue contains a special type of stem cell called mesenchymal stem cells, which allow regeneration of muscle and tissues. The additional banking of cord tissue provides your child with the widest range of treatments available.

About Healthcord

Why Healthcord?

Healthcord is Canada’s leading cord blood banking facility, and is fully committed to providing Canadian families with the highest level of care. Healthcord is Health Canada approved, AABB Accredited and recommended by physicians and hospitals.

At Healthcord, Quality and Technology are our First Priority

Health Canada Accredited
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