The Future is Bright

Over 1000 Clinical Trials Underway

Research and clinical trials are expanding the list of life-threatening disease that may be treated with stem cells in the future. With rapid advances in stem cell research, treatment methods using cord blood and cord tissue stem cells in cell therapies will continue to expand during a child’s lifetime.


What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials look at the safety and effectiveness of new medical treatments, like stem cell therapy, on people. The experiments involve several different stages. 

At the Discovery and Preclinical Stages, testing only involves non-human subjects. Next, Phase 1 Trials are run on healthy volunteers to determine if a drug is safe in humans. If it passes, it will proceed to Phase 2 & 3 Trials, where therapeutic effects are determined.

Clinical trials need to be approved by health authorities and ethics committees in the countries that they take place.

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Stem cells are currently being studied for their use in the treatment of:

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