At Healthcord, we believe in giving back. We have chosen to do so with our Families in Need Program.

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What is the Families in Need Program?

The Healthcord Families in Need Program is available to expecting families with a qualifying medical and financial need. We offer free cord blood collection and five years of storage for:

• Newborn babies diagnosed with a condition that may benefit from experimental stem cell therapies

• A sibling who is diagnosed with a disease currently treated with cord blood transplants

Who is Eligible for the Program?

Families in Need Program allows families free access to advanced cord blood collection and storage through Healthcord.

To be eligible
  • The newborn must be diagnosed with a condition where clinical trials are exploring the potential of using newborn stem cells 
  • The newborn whose stem cells will be stored have to be a full sibling of the child in need (same biological parents). The sibling has to be affected with a condition that is currently treatable with sibling cord blood transplants.

How to Participate?

Think you may be eligible for the Families in Need Program? Here’s what you need to do to enroll

1. Talk to your doctor about the Families in Need Program to see if it’s right for you

2. Contact Healthcord via email ( or call us at 1.888.802.0706 to discuss how to proceed

3. Send in the medical referral form

4. Once your application is approved, we will ship a Healthcord collection kit to your home

5. On the day of delivery, remember to bring the kit with you to the hospital. We will take care of the rest