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Stem cell research is advancing at an unprecedented pace due to their tremendous potential. Keep up to date with latest advances in stem cell banking technologies, research and development with the following resources.

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Additional Resources

We’ve put together a list of additional medical and scientific resources to with help you with your research. More information about specific clinical trials can be found in our clinical trials page.

Scientific Resources

  • The Stem Cell Network – A consortium of Canadian Centers of Excellence, funded by the Government of Canada, that focuses on translational stem cell research.
  • PubMed – A website for searching scientific and medical journals. You can enter search terms such as “stem cells AND diabetes” to find information on the latest published research.
  • Stem Cells Journals – A journal that provides a forum for the publication of papers and reviews about stem cells. Written by clinical and basic scientists who are experts in the fields of stem and progenitor cell biology.
  • Cancer Research – A journal published by the American Association for Cancer Research covering all aspects of cancer and cancer-related biomedical sciences.

    Medical Resources

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