Give the Gift of Health

You’ve already done the leg work planning and researching cord blood banking for your own baby, why not benefit from this knowledge and experience while helping other moms? With our Healthcord Ambassador program you can help us increase public awareness about cord blood and cord tissue banking and earn money doing it.

What is the Healthcord Ambassador Program?

As a valued member of the Healthcord family, we offer you the opportunity to earn cash through the Ambassador Program. We will provide you with a personalized referral code and every time someone uses your code to successfully store stem cells with Healthcord, you and the person your refered will receive a $100 credit on your account. Your earnings can be redeemed as cash or be directed towards your future payments.

Access your personalized, sharable referral code by logging into your Healthcord account.

Share your referral code and your banking experience with your friends either in person or through social media.
People you contact have to register using your referral code and successfully complete banking.
Both you and your referal(s) will receive a $100 cash reward. The more you share, the more you will earn!

Who can Participate?

As a Healthcord parent, you are automatically enroled in the Ambassador Program. When a new member uses your referral code to bank with Healthcord, you start receiving your earnings. The more you share your referral code, the more rewards you will earn.

How It Works

Log into your Healthcord account to find your referral code. If you don’t have an online account send us an e-mail to info@healthcord.com, so we can set you up.
In the mean time, every time you make a referral send an e-mail to info@healthcord.com with your file number, the name and expected due date of the person you have spoken with. Upon successful completion of the banking process, your account will be credited directly. If your account is paid in full, we will send you a cheque for the same amount.

We would like you to know how grateful we are to the Ambassador Program for rewarding our referrals. We very much appreciate it, the rewards for our future storage payment are very helpful.

– Bridgette and Don. T, SK

A Precious Gift of a Lifetime

Registering for stem cell banking takes only a few minutes.