Prepped, Packed & Ready to Go

Our kit has everything your delivery team needs to collect cord blood and cord tissue samples.

Cord Blood Collection Bag

The delivering physician will collect cord blood into the cord blood bag. It is ideal for keeping samples sterile and is compatible with both natural and caesarean deliveries.

Cord Tissue Collection Vessel

Cord tissue will be collected into a vessel that contains tissue culture media and antibiotics.

Temperature Datalogger

This stays with the sample during transport to continuously monitor the sample and ensures sample quality.

Thermal Regulated Transporter

Our collection bag is designed to prevent temperature fluctuations during transport. It ensures that the samples are maintained at the correct temperatures even if the kit is exposed to extreme conditions.

Professional Medical Courier

Healthcord uses professional medical couriers that can pickup samples from the bedside, guaranteeing timely delivery of your samples.

Instruction Booklets for You and Your Doctor

Our detailed instruction booklets are designed specifically with parents and healthcare professionals in mind. They will guide you through the steps involved in banking and provide your healthcare provide the detailed information they require to collect samples appropriately.

A Precious Gift of a Lifetime

Registering for stem cell banking takes only a few minutes.